Journey to the source of purification

One of Nature’s Greatest Gifts: We Purify and Deliver it to You!

American Water is colorless, odorless, neither is fragrant nor has aftertaste. Folks are simply expected to "Just drink it!"

Produced at Cloud Level


Clouds are formed as a result of saturation of the air when it is cooled to its dew point, or when it gains sufficient moisture (usually in the form of water vapor) from an adjacent source to raise the dew point to the ambient temperature.

Fallen at the Pearl of the Indian Ocean


When warm air starts to cool at cloud level it loses its ability to hold water vapor, the extra water vapor has to go somewhere, so it condenses out as water.

Flown Through Sri Lankan Soil


Some of the precipitation that falls onto land infiltrates into the ground to become groundwater.

Filtered Through Volcanic Rock over time


The separation of Sri Lanka from the Indian plate caused volcanism which created some volcanic rocks on the island. Today, soil water flows through these rock deposits underground.

Collected at the Source


Hanwella is a village especially famous for its fine quality of water, and is located about 30km if not less than an hour's drive from Colombo city. American Water derives its water from a well strongly protected in locations within a maximum radius of 5-km of its factories.

Bottled at our Manufacturing Facilities


Though American Water does not undergo a heavy transformation process, we take pride in that of our filtering and purification processes which continue to remain unmatched in the market.

The procedure includes transformation of polymer material into bottles, fully automated bottling process which includes a seven step filtration process, filling, packing and storage of the finished product until it reaches our customers. The purification process, which has no added chemical components, renders the water to soften, and evidently becomes a luxury to customers who desire to quench their thirst.

Refreshing Sri Lankans Since 1995


At American Water, we understand that water is a very sensitive product. Thus, supplying clean and pure drinking-water is considered as much an art as it is a unique scientific process. We have been successful in consistently producing a quality product free of pathogenic organisms and protozoa, ensuring optimal quality, greater shelf life and maximum refreshment for our customers.